I really question how honest I would have been in this situation but I'm glad someone was. A man in Michigan bought a couch for his man cave. Howard Kirby is his name and he purchased said couch in December of 2019. But this weekend (January 18 & 19, 2020), Mr. Kirby discovered $43,000 in the ottoman according to kgns.tv.

Unlike Mr. Kirby, I think a lot of us would have just kept the cash. I think I probably would have, too, to be honest. But Mr. Kirby couldn't in good conscience keep the money. He decided to track down the former owner of the couch. Turns out that former owner had passed away.

Mr. Kirby didn't stop there. He reached out the next of kin and returned the money to them.

Much respect to Howard Kirby. He did something that many of us would not do. Thank you Mr. Kirby for your honesty and going the extra mile to do the right thing.

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