A man took to social media to share a video about why he "hates" Tyler, TX.

People use social media for all KINDS of reasons. We want to connect with friends and family. We use it to network with potential business partners, employers, or employees. Heck, sometimes we use it simply to share the joy of dog and/or food photos. And as we all know too well by now, many use it to vent their frustrations about any number of things.

Like this man, for example. We can't tell from the video if he is a native East Texan or not. Regardless, he does NOT like Tyler, Texas.

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That's baffling to the many of us who sincerely love our East Texas towns. Sure, there are ways life can improve in our little cities. At the same time, for those of us who've traveled around and/or lived in other places, coming home to ETX can be a breath of fresh air.

People do seem sincerely friendlier here than in other places. There are lovely neighborhoods, schools, and churches. And the spring and autumn months are quite lovely.

One of the things this man shared in his video that cause him to "hate" Tyler, specifically, is how hot and humid it can be in the summertime.

Sure, it can get a bit muggy. At the same time, that is part of what contributes to such beautiful plant life. He also said he hates that there are so many Dallas Cowboys fans, as well. (Ummm, yeah that's not gonna change, guy.)

He also said he feels the laws are unfair, and the cost of living is WAY too high. I'm not sure what laws he's specifically referencing. We also can't be sure if he was just having a bad day or if he truly feels that way.

Anyway, here's that two-minute video:

Whatever the case, we wish the guy the best. We've received some feedback that since he shared the video he has moved somewhere else. Probably best, ya think?

Also, despite what he said in his video, we have a hard time believing the cost of living in East Texas is as high as it is in Denver, Colorado, but...

What are your thoughts fellow East Texans?

Is there any validity to his complaints or do you think it's best for him to have wandered off into the sunset to find a place where he can be (perhaps) happier?

Let us know at tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com.

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