Do you believe in Bigfoot? Well, lots of people say yes and then some say no. But this man says he not only saw Bigfoot, but that his camper was attacked by the mythical creature.The story starts as a Pennsylvania man reported to police that Bigfoot had smashed out windows and tail lights with a barrage of rock fire.

The state troopers are looking into this event that happened where John Reed was driving near his place of residence in Dauphin County.

The man said, "I was getting in my camper and turned on my driving lights and there in front of me was a huge hairy ape creature throwing rocks at my Winnebago."

He said the ape creature busted out windows and lights and attacking the trailer. The funny part to the story is that he is a Bigfoot hunter himself. He said he uses the Winnebago to hunt these creatures in the woods.

Reed also has trouble remembering the date of the "attack," saying it happened between Sept. 15 and Oct. 8.

How convenient.

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