The team at FinanceBuzz decided to take a closer look at the favorite fast food chains in every U.S. state, including Texas.

How did they come to their conclusions?

According to an article by FinanceBuzz, their team 'collected popularity data using metrics like search volume and number of restaurant locations for nearly 70 major fast-food chains throughout the country.'

The results were interesting.

Before we get to the favorite fast food chain in Longview or Tyler, Texas--and all across the Lone Star State-- can I please tell you how fascinating it was to look at the map they created which gives us a colorful visual of which chains dominate each state?

Fast food is a huge part of our modern societal 'fabric,' but the go-to fast food spots vary greatly from region to region and state to state.

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For example, it's interesting how popular Domino's Pizza is in Alaska. I like Domino's Pizza, but it doesn't seem to hold the highest fast food honor with anyone I know. But up there, it's a whole different story.

Or how a fast food spot many of us have never even heard of has taken the top spot in Wyoming and one of the Dakotas, I think? Anyway, someone needs to open a Taco John's. Whatever that is, it sounds delicious.

It should be noted that Taco John's was founded in Wyoming so that rather makes sense it would take the top spot there.

OK, but which fast food chain takes the top spot in Texas?

Believe it or not, it isn't Chick-fil-A. Shocking, I know. Nope. But Chick-fil-A does rank the highest in the state where it originated: Georgia.

No, it isn't DQ either. Although I'm sure they came in at a close second.

If you guessed Whataburger, you are CORRECT!

Perhaps not the most surprising thing to discover, given how much we love our Whataburger in Texas. But it's still cool to see reflected in FinanceBuzz's research.

OK, you have to go check out this map--fascinating.

While you do that, I'm headed to our favorite fast food spot in Texas to deal with this sudden craving.

If you knew you could only have one more fast food meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

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