It's been almost a week since I've returned from my dream vacation, and as I'm day dreaming about returning, I thought I would share some of my favorite photos.

My husband and I along with three other couples that we are great friends with rented a catamaran and sailed the British Virgin Islands. One couple has done this several times, and had the certifications to captain our boat. We spent a week in paradise with our friends.

I've never visited the islands before, but I will definitely be back. Scroll through the photos and you will see the gorgeous paradise that we experienced. We saw rainbows almost everyday, snorkeled and saw all colors and shapes of fish, we paddle boarded and just floated taking in all the beauty.

The girls even saw a mother and calf dolphin swimming together not far from where we were snorkeling. I'm so thankful for this incredible trip that was not only exciting and fun, but restful and relaxing. If you ever have an opportunity to visit this part of the world, do it!

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