There's room for laughter everywhere in this world and a McKinney, Texas pastor's video has spread over the Internet like melted cheese on a breakfast biscuit.

Pastor Fred Thomas from McKinney is a Christian Comedian and preaches "laughter is the best medicine". In an interview with GuideLive back in 2015 when his Blue Bell Gospel Song went viral, Thomas said that the Bible said laughter is like medicine.

It allows people to deal with pressures and pains in a better mindset. Laughter opens people up to deal with problems they wouldn't deal with. I do it to talk to the hearts and minds of people. I love being a preacher. I love being on the stage. It's been who I am.

His current Something About This Biscuit Gospel has racked up over 4 million views and 130,000 shares on Facebook since last Wednesday, February 16. Keep preaching Pastor Fred. People are listening, but more importantly, people are laughing with you.

Check out a few other great songs he's done for Laugh Out Loud Church.

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