For the past week, I've been keeping something to myself... two new kittens.

Normally, I love sharing all cat-related details in my life, but I decided to keep this quiet for a week. Why? Well, mostly because they didn't have names.

They were loving referred to as 'the black one' and 'the black and white one.' My husband and I threw around serval ideas, and enlisted the help of friends for suggestions. As they are both girls, some great female pairs were suggested.

Some of my favorites included, Thelma and Louise, Laverne and Shirley and Kourtney and Khole. That last one really made me laugh. We also considered names from my favorite book series, Harry Potter. I really liked Tonks and Luna, but my hubby shot it down.

We're not certain that we're settled on their final names yet, but we have come to an early conclusion. Currently we are calling the black one, Stella. The black and white one, we are calling Alice.

They are precious, playful and full of purrs. Our older cat, Tammy, is not pleased, but she's coming around. I'll share more as they grow, but for now... meet Alice and Stella.

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