As we all know living in East Texas it's not shocking to see lightning and hear thunder. We could be having a beautiful day with nothing but sunshine and all of a sudden we get hit with an unexpected summer storm. That is exactly what took place this past and unfortunately one restaurant in Lindale experienced some damage due to the lightning.

If you're part of the 'Heads Up Lindale' group on Facebook or just drove near the Posados Cafe in Lindale you probably saw the large amount of fire trucks and police vehicles surrounding the area. Then we got confirmation from Smith County on Facebook that they did respond to a fire that was caused by a lightning strike.

Where Was The Fire Started at Posados Cafe in Lindale

After fire crews worked to make sure the fire was out, fire officials entered the building and got more information regarding how it started. The 911 call came in around 10:17 a.m. for the restaurant at 3201 South Main Street in Lindale. The fire is believed to have started near the roof of the building. Beyond just the Lindale Fire Department the Mineola Fire Department and the Smith County Fire Marshall's Office provided additional resources.

Luckily, Posados Cafe Only Had Minimal Damage from the Lightning Strike

After fire officials determined the fire to be natural, caused by a documented lightning strike in the area the popular restaurant got some good news. Fire crews assessed the damage and said that the lightning strike only caused minimal damage to the business.

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How Long Will Posados Cafe be Closed to Fix Fire Damage

According to their Facebook page the restaurant is expected to be reopened within 2 weeks.

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