If you're anything like me and my wife we could eat Mexican food everyday and not get tired of it. Especially when the meal begins with a large bowl of chips and freshly made salsa. But there are so many different Mexican restaurants and everyone has their own favorite. While there are quite a few to choose from the discussion around the best Mexican restaurant popped up on Facebook and I had to share the answers with you.

As I mentioned above everyone has a different favorite Mexican restaurant because we all want something a little different. Some people don't love the chips and salsa as much as I do and would prefer a fast food Mexican restaurant. I will never talk bad about a fast food Mexican restaurant because they can be delicious too, but I will always go with the sit down restaurant, it's all personal preference.

No Specific Foods Were Requested When Asking About Best Mexican Restaurant in Longview

While it's always good to ask for food recommendations, I think the question should have been a bit more specific. Like who has the best nachos or who has the best price, the question received hundreds of answers because it was so open-ended.

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Please Support All of These Businesses As Much As Possible

Every restaurant has struggled over the past year and a half so please request all of these businesses as much as possible as they are employing our friends and neighbors.

Okay, here is your list of best Mexican restaurants in Longview:

List of Fantastic Mexican Restaurants found in Longview

Here are some of the best Mexican restaurants found in Longview:

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