One Michigan man is dead this week after a round of showing off his collection of guns goes terribly wrong. You will not believe how this man managed to shoot himself in the head causing his death. 

A 36-year-old man shot himself in the head this week while giving his girlfriend a gun safety lesson.

When the police arrived on scene after the Michigan man was pronounced dead at the scene they could not believe the story they were about to hear.

This man was showing his girlfriend how to properly use his three handguns. He had decided that this lesson should come after spending the majority of the day drinking alcohol. This intoxication led to a horrible mistake on his part.

The girlfriend reportedly stated that to show that the handguns were empty, the man would point them at his head and pull the trigger. Unfortunately, the final gun was in fact loaded.

The girlfriend tried to perform CPR, but it was too late. His death is being ruled as a suicide as further investigation into the case takes place.


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