We see and hear it all the time: look twice for motorcyclists... share the road... yet the number of motorcycle fatalities isn't really getting better.

In 2015, Texas Department of Transportation issued a statistic of motorcycle fatalities in Texas - that number was more than one motorcycle casualty per day - 459 people.

Texas Department of Transportation
Texas Department of Transportation

TxDoT has been pushing a motorcycle safety campaign throughout 2017 because in 2016, the number actually increased to 493 fatalities. Now I know I might get a few people saying, 'Well, they assume the risks by getting on a bike" and/or "what about those who drive recklessly and endanger those around them?" But as we grow more and more aware of the vulnerable riders around us, the number of fatalities should be decreasing.

The above video was shared by TxDOT on Tuesday, explaining how motorcyclists from all over the lone star state converged on Austin to 'represent the 493 riders who were killed last year on Texas roads."

Help them save lives and take part in the campaign known as #LookTwiceTexas.

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