Mowing the grass is a chore just about every East Texan must undertake. Mow the grass, if you're lucky enough, you have a bag to catch all the clippings or you have to rake them up, weed eat the edges, it's a lot of work. However, on the many county roads of East Texas, mowing the yard is a little less detailed. But keeping those clippings picked up is a must or it could cause a serious accident for our two wheeled drivers.

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Every East Texas Summer brings out the many motorcycle enthusiast of the area. We see them all over our city streets and our county roads. For the most part, this issue doesn't effect those inside the city limits. For those on the many county roads of East Texas is where this problem is the biggest issue; grass clippings on the road.

Most in the countryside of East Texas will mow their yards and shoot their grass clippings from their riding or push mowers onto the blacktop. For one, this can technically be considered littering and you can be ticketed for it ( Leaving your grass clippings in the roadway can also be a hazard for a motorcycle rider.

Think about it, the thick grass that is mowed from a yard in the country can be very wet. That wetness can last for a while even after the grass is mowed making the roadway slick which is not good for a motorcyclist.

Simple solution, when mowing by the roadway, mow three to four paths that shoot the grass clippings away from the road. After that, make the turn to shoot the grass clippings away from the blade vent. Keep those riders who are out enjoying the wind in their hair to keep enjoying that trip safely.

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