We all know that the housing market in East Texas has been crazy lately, and not just here but across the country. Home prices are skyrocketing and attempting to purchase a home is more difficult than ever before. We are seeing tons of people relocating to Texas being able to purchase more for their money here instead of staying where they currently live.

In my 35 years of life, I've purchased 4 homes and sold 3 of them. I've been fortunate enough to not lose money on any of these investments, but I would highly recommend working with a real estate professional when looking into buying a home. There have been so many unusual things that pop up and you need someone with a lot of knowledge on your side. Make sure to do your research when picking a realtor.

There Are Nice Affordable Homes Available in Tyler Right Now

We all remember moving away from home. Our first place wasn't exactly the nicest, it needed work, and so do these homes. But I have lived in apartments where rats were running by the garbage cans, and I've lived in places smaller than 700 square feet. I think of those times as humble beginnings. It wasn't always great, but it's the best we could afford at the time. So, never feel bad about homes outside of your price range. We all start somewhere.

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These Five Homes For Sale in Tyler are All $125,000 and Under

Some of these homes are small but have a nice yard, some of them need updates, but these are the most affordable homes currently for sale:

These Are the 5 Most Affordable Homes in Tyler

If you're looking to purchase a home in Tyler and don't have much money to make it happen. Here are the five least expensive homes in Tyler right now:

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