It's another day in East Texas and another day where potential homeowners are hoping to find something in their price range that they feel comfortable moving their family into. Let's be honest the market is tough right now as there just doesn't seem to be enough houses which is driving up the cost of homes in our area. But if you search you can find affordable properties even in the Longview area.

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Just yesterday I worked on details regarding the top five most affordable homes in Tyler, and those homes were all listed at $125,000 or less. But as you would expect as I was looking over affordable Longview homes I found seven that were all under $80,000. Obviously, that is a fantastic price but when looking at homes like these you have to expect there will be some things that need to be fixed.

Here is a list of the seven most affordable homes currently for sale in Longview:

7 Most Affordable Homes in Longview

The real estate market is crazy right now but I did find seven of the most affordable homes in Longview right now and here they are:

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