If you're considering moving to Tyler, TX, and the East Texas area in the new year, here's some great information for you. A list of the most expensive towns to buy homes in East Texas.

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A home is usually the biggest and most important investment we make. Even as they now begin to level out, it's no secret that as mortgage rates rose this past year around the U.S., home prices did as well.

The typical value of a home in the United States increased last year by 14.9%, that means the average home rose to $357,810. While prices in Texas, and East Texas especially, are lower than the national average, we certainly have not been spared from rising home prices.

Although home prices have inflated all across the U.S., there are definitely certain areas that have a higher price tag than others. Location, size, age, and condition are all contributing factors to home value. Whether you choose to hold off your home-buying plans in hopes of the market cooling down or are looking to buy ASAP, it's good to educate yourself on the market in different cities.

If you're looking at the Tyler area, this list is a great start to know where home values have increased the most. It's valuable information and something that can be advantageous depending on whether you are selling or buying a home.

You'll notice that for this list Stacker has compiled a list of cities with the most expensive homes in the Tyler area using data from Zillow. Best of luck to you on your journey into or out of East Texas.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Towns to Buy Homes in East Texas Will Surprise You

A home is one of the biggest and most important investments you'll ever make. And it's no secret that as mortgage rates have risen the past year, home prices have risen as well. If you're thinking of moving to the Tyler, TX area, here are the most expensive towns to buy a home in.

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