Not all Texans like drinking alcohol, but there is a large portion of all adults in the Lone Star State that do enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two after a long work week. Obviously, we encourage all adults who choose to have some drinks to do so responsibly. But what is the most popular cocktail beverage in Texas?  

There are so many beverages to choose from especially ones that are created here in Texas. It was almost shocking to me that the most popular alcoholic beverage wasn’t a vodka-based drink. It seems like Tito’s Handmade Vodka would have been an easy pick for Texans as the popular Vodka brand was founded in Austin, Texas in 1997. Another popular pick could have been sometime made with Deep Eddy Vodka. But that isn’t the case, actually according to Ranker the most popular cocktail in Texas doesn’t include Vodka. 

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Don’t Worry I Love the Most Popular Cocktail in Texas Too 

While I might have expected something different as the most popular cocktail in Texas, when I found out what it is, I understood why it is the most popular. Summertime in Texas can get ridiculously hot so this cocktail can be perfect for a day in the sun. Again, remember to drink responsibly, remember to drink water and try to stay hydrated when temperatures get hot outside. 

Let’s Find Out the Most Popular Cocktail in Texas 

Now that I have been writing about cocktails, I am ready to enjoy an adult beverage. Let’s look at the most popular cocktail in Texas and some of the states that surround us. 

Most Popular Cocktails in Texas and Surrounding States

Cheers! Let's look at the most popular cocktails around Texas and the states around us.

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