If you want to thaw your turkey in a more natural manner, then you need to get this done today.

Let's say that you are probably behind the curve on this, but let's do some math. You are supposed to budget twenty-four hours for every five pounds of turkey. This means a twenty-pound turkey should require about four days.

More people are cooking birds and breast this year than ever before, so hopefully, they went for the smaller birds. If you didn't get your turkey moved from refrigerator to freezer in time, don't panic. All of this is just "best practices" kind of stuff.

If you completely forget to unthaw your turkey, you can still rock this Thanksgiving. Food Network says the only thing you have to do is cook it longer and lower heat. You can also defrost your turkey in the sink for eight to twelve hours.

Let's pause for a moment here and point out something incredibly important. NEVER, under any circumstances should you attempt to deep-fry a frozen turkey. You will essentially be creating a turkey bomb that will burn down your whole house. Now, back to our regular turkey talk.

So what's the key to cooking a good bird? It's really not that complicated. As my buddy John Reeves with Smokin' X Barbeque says, it's "low and slow".  I grabbed up one of the better YouTube videos to help you along, but there's TONS of them if you want more instruction.


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