If you've never visited Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Garden you're missing out on one of East Texas' most beautiful natural treasures.

The beauty is only showcased for a short time, during the daffodil bloom in February and March. 816 acres filled with millions of golden daffodils. It truly is an overwhelmingly beautiful site.

I have visited the garden on two occasions, and each time been touch by the majestic natural beauty. The garden is open seven days a week when the flowers are in bloom from 10 am till 4 pm, unless road conditions do not allow.

According to DaffodilGarden.com, thousands of visitors come to the garden each year from all over the state, country and even the world. Travelers from as far as New Zealand, France, Bolivia, England and Ireland have taken the time to see the golden blooms.

To reach to garden, turn east on Smith County Road 3104 from US 271. Drive a mile and a half, turn right on Smith County Road 3103, then continue one-fourth mile to the entrance sign.

For road conditions and a predicted daffodil blooming schedule, call the Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Gardens directly at (903)845-5780.  Please email question and comments todaffoldils@daffodilgarden.com.


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