I love me some PlayStation. Nothing against XBox fans, I've just never liked that particular console. Turns out, my home state of Texas shares in that PlayStation love. Let's take a look at the latest survey.

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November of 2020 was a huge, and frustrating, month for gamers. The PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X / S were released. Thanks to individuals using bots to buy them up, then reselling them online for three to four times the price, it's been hard to get these systems into homes. I'm one of those frustrated gamers. But I'm a patient man and will get my PlayStation 5 in due time. I've got plenty in my PlayStation 4 backlog to keep me busy.

But even with that frustration, it hasn't waned the fandom of PlayStation or XBox. CenturyLinkQuote recently gathered stats of searches by each state for a particular console, PlayStation 5, XBox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch. Based on those stats, you could say these would be the favorite console for each state.


Based on CenturyLinkQuote's research, the PlayStation 5 is the most searched, or most popular, console of the three major companies. This native Texan is happy that PlayStation came out on top in Texas. XBox Series S, the all digital XBox, came in second followed by the XBox Series X. The Nintendo Switch only lead in six states but it had the highest "keyword volume" of any of the consoles.

You can see the full breakdown of their research by going to centurylinkquote.com. Until then, good luck in your search for a new console, whether it's the PlayStation 5 or XBox Series X / S.

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