Fans of Nashville will be happy to know that the excitement doesn't stop after the show airs. CMT has announced a new series called Nashchat that takes place every week after the show airs on Thursday night, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Nashchat features a variety of Nashville-related content, ranging from cast interviews to insider scoops and fan recaps, that all takes place immediately following each episode. It will be hosted by Nashville super fan Amy Brown. Catch the after-show info on CMT's social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

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"Fans saved Nashville. Now we're inviting fans into our living room to celebrate the characters, stories and music they love," CMT President Brian Philips says in a press release. "With Nashchat, we'll create a home across all social media culminating with a Facebook Live interactive recap and fan chat immediately following new episodes."

Nashville made its debut on its new home on Jan. 5 that tied up loose ends from the Season 4 finale while introducing plenty of new drama. The show airs every Thursday at 9PM EST on CMT.

The first episode of Nashchat kicked off after the Season 5 premiere with Chris Carmack, the actor behind character Will Lexington, in a Facebook Live video on the CMT Facebook page where he chatted about his plot lines from the episode, played a fun game with the host, shared his thoughts and much more.

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