Texas has a lot of official things: state bird, state flower, state this and state that.  It should come as no surprise that an effort is a foot to name a particular firearm as the state gun of Texas. You may be surprised to know that many people don't consider this firearm a gun at all.

Senate Concurrent Regulation 8 proposes to name the cannon as the official state gun of Texas. I kid you not.

Actually it kind of makes sense: everything is bigger in Texas. Cannons are part of not only the rivalry between the University of Texas and Texas A&M University, they're also Texas state lore as a whole.

You know anything involving those two major Texas universities is going to be a heated rivalry. The Longhorns have Smokey the Cannon while A&M has The Spirit of '02. Both are fired on game days in a ceremonial way.

Then there's that Gonzales flag which dares enemies of Texas to "try and take it." That is a whole other story.

We hope this bill gains traction so the sound of a Texas cannon will be heard round the world as a symbol of freedom.

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