Spending a few years of my childhood a few miles away from a sugar beet factory I know a thing or two about permanent stink permeating my town. Hey, if ya know ya know. However currently living in Tyler, I am not having to breathe-in what our friends in Hallsville are describing as "sewer" smell each morning.

I've been hearing rumblings from folks in the Hallsville area about this stench, I've got a buddy who lives out that way who said it gets unbearable many mornings. Yesterday, though, disgusted residents of the town took to social media to vent.

Monica Bailey got the conversation going, asking "Why is there such a STRONG sewer gas smell in the city of Hallsville? Thought it was coming from my neighborhood but I had stopped at the store this morning & stepped out of my car & I smelled it there as well. The smell will knock you out when you step outside….anybody know what’s up with this?" And it quickly became clear the smell is not just in her neighborhood.

Some folks brought some humor to the situation, "It woke me up out of my sleep. I thought my dog had crapped on the floor," wrote Stephanie Hunter High with a couple of cry laughing emojis at the end.

Meanwhile Misti and Skye both said that they had been close to posing the same question in the Facebook group, but Monica beat them to it.

While a couple other folks offered up theories as to the source of the smell. John LaFoy wrote that "Occasionally they have issues with the treatment facility. They may still be having them. We have been in a near drought." Kathy Davis, too, said the water treatment plant was to blame.

However I'm most intrigued by James Cash's theory. He posted "There is a trailer-home at the corner of Galilee and Moore Lane that we suspected as the source of the odor (it was recently for sale). They had their septic tank pumped today. We’ll see if the smell goes away." Wait. What?

So many questions. Like "what the hell kinda trailer home is able to stink up an entire town?" And "why the hell is that allowed to happen?"

So see we shall. In the meantime we'll make a few calls and see if we can get to the bottom of this. We'll be sure to update the story if we do get any new info.

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