Another school year's here & every parent's hope is that their kids will receive a quality education.  One way to stack the odds in your (& your child's) favor: live in a community whose schools are being recognized by independent sources for delivering outstanding results.

A recent study originally published by U.S. News & World Report cited six high schools in Gregg, Rusk, & Upshur Counties as being among the nation's best.  We got the details from the Longview News-Journal - factors such as how students did on state tests, graduation rates, college readiness, & the performance of economically-disadvantaged students all contributed to each school's evaluation.

After analyzing data from more than 20,000 high schools nationwide, Gilmer, Carlisle, White Oak, Union Grove, Union Hill, & Mount Enterprise received special recognition.  In addition, Gilmer did well enough to also be ranked #237 on the "best in Texas" list.  We took a quick glance at results for high schools in other nearby counties, & found Canton (#242) & Jacksonville (#277) also ranked among the top performers statewide.  Congratulations to these excellent high schools, & to you if your sons & daughters attend any of them!

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