These days Texans have to share Buc-ee's with the rest of America, but in every Houston, TX native's heart, we will all always consider the perfect chain of travel centers, famously known for squeaky clean bathrooms and enough fueling positions for everyone simultaneously, as our very own.

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In fact, gun to the head, I'd say the only thing better than getting a Buc-ee's road trip stop, is witnessing others finding out about this giant piece of heaven for the first time... Your first time is always special.

Such was the case for Amberly. Amberly's description that went viral is written in a style reminiscent of Shakespeare's, minus the iambic pentameter -- which is super tough to master.

Y'all. What is this magical redneck store of goodness with 9,000 gas pumps and jerky that line the walls like pearls to Heaven's gates and looks like it came straight out of a National Lampoon's movie? Dude was chopping brikset right there on the table and people were grabbing the sandwiches as fast as employees could wrap them. More baked goods in the biggest hopping bakery I've ever seen. It's like Cracker Barrel and Walmart had a babay that made a a litter of Pilot Stations and those grew up and married Texas. - Amberly

I don't know Amberly, but after reading her description of Texas' most revered travel centers, I feel like I do. It's also not clear from her post which state in our great nation she hails from, but I feel like it's Delaware.


Their stores can now be found in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. And we should note that Buc-ee's was wisely recently named the best rest stop in America by the astute folks at Bon Appetit magazine.


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