A delivery truck driver is suing two men who held him against his will while delivering a package inside a gated neighborhood.

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Remember Travis Miller? He was in his delivery truck in Oklahoma delivering a package, when the president of the home owners association blocked him from leaving questioning why he was in the gated complex.

The president of the home owners association Dave Stewart is now facing a civil lawsuit from Miller, per KFOR.

Miller's Facebook live video of the incident went viral as Mr. Stewart and another gentleman held him against his will as the police were called to investigate.

Attorney Kenyatta Bethea, who is representing Miller, spoke of the lawsuit trying to see the justification of her client being unlawfully detained.

It’s one thing to be caught in a situation where you are questioned ‘why are you here, what are you doing', but then he escalated it and called the police with no justification.

A second man who's being called "John Doe" is also included in the lawsuit. He was standing by Mr. Stewart during the altercation.

Miller's lawsuit states that Mr. Stewart is responsible for negligence, assault, false arrest, and emotional distress while racially profiling.

While Mr. Miller is seeking some kind of justice for his encounter, I was thinking lawmakers would make it against the law for "Karen" (well in this case "Ken") to get arrested for making a false report.

Mr. Stewart wasn't available for comment.

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