We have an intern who has decided to suck it up and start dating again. He is actually pretty nervous


and asked me where he should take this new little lady that has caught his eye.  Me being the "work smart" type I posted on KNUE's FaceBook and got your advice.  WOW -- Thank you for all the suggestions.  I made a quick list of the top five -- read on to see where he may heading out this weekend.

gave this advice:

Depends on the date....... you could do dinner..... movies.... picnic at the park.. make it simple.. you dont have to do anything fancy or expensive to get a woman's attention.... just give her YOUR attention oh and don't be an a@@ thats a real turn off! Thank you Jennifer -- saved us having to remind him!

Mandy's suggestion was:
Picnic at lookout mountain outside of Jacksonville is always nice.

But then Jennifer quickly posted back:
Wait before you do the picnic.... make sure she doesn't have massive allergies.... ET isn't the place to be outside right now if she does... you could always cook her dinner and have her over to your place.... please make sure all the dirty socks and "skidmark" undies are picked up and clean the toilet!

Nikki chimed in with:
How about a nice home cooked meal followed by a couple of redbox movies....dont forget the wine and candles and popcorn......then when movies r done turn on the radio to 101.5 move the couch & dance your heart out......

Tiffany made us laugh with her suggestion - but really it would be a good ice breaker!
Walmart. Everybody is there at one time or another. Lol. Good luck

The Top Five East Texas Restaurants:
1- Olive Garden
2- East Texas Burger
3- Texas Road House
4- Rick's On The Square
5- Pizza King (I LOVE their pizza)

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