Come on ya'll, those graduates have been busting their butts to make that passing grade.  They deserve to be spoiled.  Here we have a few ideas to get you started.


So your little grad will be heading off to school in the fall.  Send them prepared by giving them one of these portable personal computers.  Not only can your student write a paper or complete a class online but, also keep in touch with you on Facebook.


The next step down from a laptop (in terms of size).  Sometimes it is a pain to pack up your laptop every morning, not to mention they have to wake up 5 minutes earlier.

Smart Phone:

I can't tell you how many times my iPhone has come in handy while going to school.  I was able to look up schedules, balance bank accounts, and surf the web to find answers to tough questions- all discretely while in class.

Gaming System:

Your choice on this one and it all comes down to personal preference from XBox360, PS3, to Wii.  I cannot guarantee that a lot of studying will be done but you can be ensured that your loved one will not be bored in their dorm room.

MP3 Player:

Every student loves to jam out while attempting physics, why not make it easier on everyone and give your grad their own MP3 player.  Their dorm mates will thank you for the piece and quiet.

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