It is the middle of the day, and boom...out goes the power. Not because of a rolling blackout, instead, it's due to a downed power pole on a major road in Tyler.

The power line was in front of Wagner Cadillac on Broadway just one block north of Loop 323 and affected traffic lights and businesses along Broadway Avenue south, Old Bullard Road south and Loop 323 west.

Our offices at Townsquare Media were affected as well, causing our generator to kick in until the power was restored around 4:30.

Our media partner, KLTV reports the cause was overheated power transformers, which lead to an overheated power line to snap. When that happened, that line hit another live line, causing an even bigger issue because it triggered a 'lockout' at the substation on the corner of Grande Avenue and South Broadway Avenue.

Power is slowly being restored Wednesday evening.

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