If you love to travel you know that parking fees can add up quickly, no matter what airport you use there always seems to be a hefty fee associated with using their parking lot. It's just something that we all come to expect but the next time you visit Tyler Pounds Regional Airport you might see those fees higher than you're used to seeing. Because the Tyler City Council decided to increase the cost of parking when leaving your vehicle in the parking lot at the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.

While the fees will be increasing on long-term parking which will go from $.75 per hour to $1 per hour, with the maximum amount per day still staying at $7. According to KLTV, the reason that the city council decided to make the cost increase is because it will prolong the life of their equipment. Removing the coins will reduce equipment failure, plus speed up the process for those trying to pay.

It's Going to Cost a Lot More if You Lose Your Parking Ticket

If you lose your parking ticket it's not going to cost you $50 anymore, it will now cost you $75. The reason for the drastic increase is to encourage visitors to not lose their parking ticket. Also, there are visitors that would "lose" their ticket because $50 was cheaper than paying the full fee. Increasing this lost ticket fee will decrease at least some of that behavior.

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When Will These Increased Parking Fees Increase at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

There is no specific date that these new fees will go into effect, but the process should be done in approximately one month. Enjoy the lower parking costs while you still can.

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