We don't get much snow in East Texas, especially not enough to build a nine foot snowman. If we did get enough, and built a nine foot or taller snowman, we'd be pretty upset if someone knocked it down without us knowing.

Well, one person in Kentucky tried to knock down a tall snowman and got quite the surprise, the perpetrators ran into the base of the nine foot tall snowman, which was not snow, but a very large stump.

Cody Lutz is the homeowner who built the "invincible" snowman according to bigcountryhomepage.com. "What goes around comes around in good ways and bad ways, so I guess everyone learns a valuable lesson here from Frosty," Lutz said. "I went to work on Monday and I came home to this Monday night..."

The tire tracks of the vehicle were still in the snow leading up to the snowman. Lutz believe his "Frosty" got the last laugh in this attempted knock down.

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