Boy do I love a good case of Karma and that's exactly what you see in the video above.

According to KENS5 News, a woman was caught on camera stealing multiple packages. During her hasty escape, she slipped and fell and I'm sorry, I still can't stop laughing. The woman severely hurt her leg to the point where you can hear her cry of pain. She tries to get up but can't, prompting her getaway driver to get out of the car and carry her (and the boxes) to the vehicle.

Here's another angle:

The homeowner from Washington state told Fox News this isn't the first time they've had packages stolen from their front porch, which is why they had surveillance set up in the first place. Part me secretly hopes they created a muddy patch for the thieves too!

The homeowner also said that one of those boxes contained $5,000 worth of medication - so let's hope these porch pirates get caught soon. Just look for someone on crutches. ;-)

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