Seeing this story sent me into a whirlwind of emotions.

First, I welled up in the studio seeing these acts of animal abuse. Why these "pet owners" thought this was a good idea, I will never fathom.

Second, after wiping my eyes, I became very angry. I want to take these people and chain them up and be completely helpless as the driving rain soaks them.

Before seeing the pictures of the two dogs chained up from, I suggest being prepared to be disgusted.

The good news is that those animals were rescued.

Roman Forest, Texas, where these pictures were taken, police chief Stephen Carlisle said on their Facebook Page, "I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions." He continued, "Dogs are your family members too."

If I were to post my true reaction to this story, it would be labeled extreme not safe for work. The FCC wouldn't be too happy, either. I'll keep my comments off air.

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