We never fail to be amazed at the not-too-bright excursions of those who decide to engage in criminal activity here in East Texas. At the same time, we're thankful they're not super savvy--makes it easier to catch them most of the time.
However, this sneaky, bearded fellow is still out and about in the East Texas community and the City of Tyler Police Department are still looking for him right now.
Photo courtesy of Tyler Police Department
Photo courtesy of Tyler Police Department
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Does he look familiar to you? Might you possibly be able to provide any helpful insights to the Tyler Police Department or Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers?
Tyler Police report that back on July 5th, this man decided to break into a home that was being remodeled. The house is located on Baxter Avenue in Tyler.
After his break in, apparently he felt the need to celebrate with a cigarette as he pondered his pilferings. That light light at the tip of the smoke did provide a little bit more light that made it easier to see him on the security camera.
Photo courtesy of Tyler Police Department
Photo courtesy of Tyler Police Department
The Tyler Police also know the ball cap-wearing Caucasian man was driving a Nissan sedan in a darker color.

If you can positively identify him, or have any information whatsoever, please reach out to Detective Michael Kieny at the Tyler Police Department at 903-531-1045. Alternatively, you can call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

If you'd rather reach out online, visit them here.
Thanks for taking a moment to view the photos.

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