At this point they have made a beer for just about every flavor, just last week we found out about the watermelon seltzer beer out of Fort Worth, but now there is something new and even more local to talk about. Over the weekend I noticed a new social media post by a company out of Lindale, Texas known for making pickles, the company is Prohibition Pickles. But they posted about beer, because they have teamed up with the good people at True Vine Brewing Company in Tyler, Texas.

The post on social media didn't say much on Saturday evening, it just said, "Go check out the new pickle beer"! Unfortunately, my wife and I already had plans for the evening so we couldn't stop by and try the new beer just yet but I am intrigued by the flavor combination especially when you can support two business in East Texas.

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Clever Name for New Pickle Beer in Tyler, Texas

The first time I saw the menu board at True Vine looking for the new pickle beer I didn't even notice it, I should have realized it was the one with pickle in the name but it is an unusual name for a beer. The new pickle beer is called "Pickel Galactic Minotaurt". It's a sour beer with 5.1% ABV, and will cost $7.00 for a 16 ounce glass at True Vine Brewing Company.

Not Sure How Long This Pickle Beer Will Be Available in East Texas

The concept behind this beer is a clever idea, but it's anyone's guess on how long this beer will be around. Obviously, if it gets a lot of attention the more likely they are to brew more of it. So, the next time you're looking for an adult beverage after work stop in and try the new pickle beer, and make sure you let us know how it is.

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