We have all been in that situation before, you have a police vehicle behind you and then all of a sudden, those red and blue lights go on. Ugh, was it speeding, or maybe a light is out, well you’re going to find out soon enough as the officer approaches your vehicle to let you know what the problem is. But before they ever say a word to you did you know that they are instructed to touch the back of your vehicle? There are some really good reasons for doing this, let’s discuss.  

Before we go any further, I just want to thank law enforcement officers that are serving and protecting the great state of Texas. It’s a tough job and they need to know they are appreciated. 

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Why Do Officers Touch the Back of Your Vehicle 

While it might seem strange to us, there are multiple reasons they are touching your vehicle. The first reason is to show proof that they made contact with your vehicle in case something bad happens. There is evidence that they were dealing with a situation that involved your vehicle.  

The second reason officers will probably touch your vehicle during a traffic stop is to make sure your truck is secured. They want to be aware of their surroundings, so making sure no one is going to jump out is important for everyone's safety.  

Finally, this gives the officer time to slow down and observe what is going on in the vehicle in case they think something is being hidden from view. Or just to keep an eye on the driver's body language, it’s amazing how much you show just by body language. 

Make it Easy for Texas Police Officers 

After doing a ride along with a police department one time, realized that they have that same nervous feeling when they turn those lights on to pull you over. They have no idea who is in the vehicle or what situation they are approaching. So, roll down your windows to show them who and what is in the vehicle, be polite, remember they are not there to ruin your day. Most officers truly want to make our community a better place, try to remain respectful, it’s your best chance of avoiding a citation.

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