We are all too familiar with tornadoes. We know what waterspouts are. But what is a landspout? Monday evening, August 20, one formed in north Austin according to kxan.com.

A resident got video of the landspout as she was traveling.

As you can see, it looks very much like a tornado. The difference is, it has no where near the power and can happen as a thunderstorm is in the early stages of forming.

A tornado forms when rotation begins inside of thunderstorm and comes to the ground. A landspout forms when the high and low pressure winds begin rotating on the surface and are then pulled into the young storm cloud.

This video from Chicago gives a good explanation of how a landspout can form.

They don't last long but can still cause some minor damage.

No matter, this is still super fascinating. You just have to be in awe of what Mother Nature can do.

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