With all the craziness in the world the more I want privacy for myself and my family. There are many people especially here in East Texas that would love to be able to lots of land to create some space between you and that craziness. I think this property in Kilgore, Texas gives you all the privacy you could want but still gives easy access to anything you might need.

As the real estate market in East Texas continues to be bonkers I decided to look online at some of the home prices in our area. I found this home as it is the most expensive home currently for sale in Kilgore being listed at $1,699,900. After scrolling through the information I noticed that this house is almost 20 years old but it's not the house that demands that high price it's all the land that goes with it.

The Most Expensive Home For Sale in Kilgore Give You Lots of Land

The house itself is 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, and a total of 2,990 square feet. But the fact that it sits on over 106 acres of land is the big attention grabber for this property. You will see below in the photos that the home in nice but nothing over the top, still plenty of room for someone to make this house the home of their dreams.

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Some of the Extras Included in the Most Expensive Home in Kilgore, Texas

Beyond the 106 acres of land this property consists of 75 acres of Tifton 85 Bermuda grass, 10 acres of Coastal Bermuda grass, plus a 3 acre stocked pond fed by it's own water well. It's got a large barn, a workshop, even a storm shelter off the garage area.

Just look at the photos of this gigantic property.

Most Expensive Home in Kilgore, Texas

This home comes in at just under 1.7 million and includes over 106 acres of land.

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