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So whether or not there's a "gas shortage" happening in the United States is up for debate. There was a cyber attack on a US pipeline, that's real, but it's impact on the US supply of gasoline is not settled. But that hasn't stopped people from hoarding gas over the last couple days.

Which is kind of funny, and horrifying at the same time, because the people hoarding the gas are starting a mini-shortage themselves.

In addition to how terrifying it is that people thinking there's a shortage can create a shortage, is the way people who think there's a shortage are gathering their gasoline. The internet is crawling with bad examples.

There's a whole pile of pictures and videos online of people putting full gas cans sideways in their cars, or filling giant water containers in the back of their trucks, or the worst one...filling up plastic bags with gasoline.

Yes, liquid, flammable, gasoline in plastic grocery bags.

This one is getting shared around a lot, and it sounds like its from a few years ago, but its an example that others have been following around the country this week. Watch as she loads up these bags with gas, and puts them into her trunk.

I really don't know why this needs to be explained, it should be common sense not to do this. But do not put gasoline in plastic bags. In fact, don't put any liquid in plastic bags, its not a good idea, but it's even a worse idea when that liquid has fumes, and is flammable and combustible.

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