Yeah, I say it often but it’s because it’s true, living in the great state of Texas is an absolute pleasure. Sure, there are things that people can choose to complain about but having lived in other states there is something special about Texas. Which is why so many people continue to move to the lone star state, but let’s dive a little deeper into why people seem to love the state of Texas so much. 

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We’re all going to have different reasons as to why we love a certain area but there are some things that we can all agree on. Although it’s funny when you realize that so many people in the state of Texas seem to love it for the same reasons. You will see the most popular reasons people love Texas listed below but I have a feeling that many of the things you will see in the list are the same reasons you love to live in Texas. 

More And More People Are Falling in Love With Texas 

We hear about it all the time, the population in Texas continues to increase, and traffic is getting worse. Here’s the deal, Texas is amazing, you can’t hide that, and it’s okay to welcome the new people to Texas. They just need to understand that Texas is already spectacular, we don’t need to change things. 

Here is Why People Love Texas 

Let’s look at why everyone seems to love the state of Texas so much. And if we left anything off the list, please remind us in the comment section.  

10 Reasons We All Love the State of Texas

There are some things that we can all agree on such as these 10 things that everyone loves about the great state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

12 Texas Bucket List Items

There is so much to do and enjoy in the state of Texas, here is a list of 12 bucket list items.

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