Going to the movies just got a little more comfortable in Tyler. Times Square Cinema announced via Facebook that you can now reserve your seats before the movie start.

We know looking for seats and standing in line can be a pain in the neck at a popular movie - and don't even get me started on that moment where you're frantically looking for your friend who saved you a seat before the lights go out.

Now you can relax knowing your seat will be available so you can enjoy the movie. It also gives you a chance to check out and enjoy the new arcade as they continue to revamp into Time Square Grand Slam which will be complete by the fall of 2018. By the way my editor has the current high score and he won't shut up about it.

Jason Eisenberg
Jason Eisenberg

Someone please beat his score. Don’t delay start your weekend now by purchasing your tickets by clicking here.

See you at the movies.

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