When I hear the words arcade I'm immediately taken back to my childhood and me robbing my piggy bank of all the quarters in its guts so that I could go down to the Snow Cone Palace and play Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Pole Position and all the other classics! I would feed those video games quarter after quarter after quarter sometimes a $10 roll of quarters at a time! As I got older I worked in an arcade at Six Flags Over Texas and got to play all the games I wanted (while I was off the clock of course!)

There's a new entertainment complex under construction in Tyler in the Times Square Shopping Center called Times Square Grand Slam. In addition to the movie screens, once complete there will be an arcade, bowling lanes and laser tag. This will no doubt become an entertainment magnet for kids both young and old(er)!

Time Square Cinema posted on their Facebook page recently that they are a month away from opening the doors on phase one of the project, which is the arcade. I'm ready to experience this because the posting says they're going to feature 'the biggest Space Invaders and Pac-Man games you've ever seen!' I'm sure it'll cost more than a quarter these days, but hey, that's inflation! The arcade is going to feature some pretty cool racing, sporting and shooting style games.

The date for the grand opening hasn't been announced, just saying they're a month away! For an arcade enthusiast, that could be an eternity!  Hopefully the games will be accepting quarters, but with advancement in technology I bet I can pay with my credit card and use some kind of re-loadable card!

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