I love Cheetos, but I don't want Cheetos to be the thing that gets me busted after a robbery.

But that's exactly what happened to this guy.

Kershaw County officials responded to a burglary call to a country store, where a male had broken into the store. Authorities said Austin Lee Westfall Presler (how many names does he need?) stole beer, cigarettes and tasty snack foods, and he seemingly couldn't hold back on opening a bag of Cheetos before he fled the scene.

That's where Cheetos were dropped on the floor of the store, investigators said. They got some surveillance video from the store, which showed a white car leaving the premises.

The police had a foot search and found the white car blocks away with, wait for it ... Cheetos leading to the front door.

Police did not mention whether the Cheetos were Crunchy or Puffed.

This deserves some sort of cheesy joke. Or did I just do that?

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