Police took custody of a Honolulu couple’s 3-year-old daughter after they were arrested for stealing $10 worth of sandwiches in a local Safeway, even after they offered to pay for the food.

Nicole and Marcin Leczcyzynski, walked to the grocery store with their daughter to buy a few things on Wednesday. The expectant mother, who is nearly 8 months pregnant, was feeling hungry and faint from the walk, so she and her husband picked up some deli sandwiches to eat while they shopped.

Later, when the couple went through the checkout line, they forget about their sandwiches and didn’t pay for them. As they started to leave, they were stopped by store security. And, according to their interview with a local television station, once they realized their mistake, the two apologetically offered to pay for the sandwiches and resolve the issue.

The security officer refused and then called the police, who arrested the couple for the theft of two sandwiches, priced at about $5 each. At this time, their daughter was taken into the custody of Child Protective Services, a state welfare group, where she remained for almost 18 hours.

The couple was charged with theft and a judge released them on $50 bail each. The Safeway is investigating the incident and, based on the circumstances, a representative from the company says they may not have dealt with the situation properly.

“From our preliminary investigation, it appears we may not have handled this matter in the best possible way. We are taking this situation seriously, and giving it our full attention,” Safeway said in a statement.

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