Just like everywhere in this great country of ours, here in Tyler, there are some very safe neighborhoods and some that seem to attract more criminal behavior. The people at Neighborhood Scout take the time to look through the numbers to come up with data such as the safest neighborhoods in each area. When it comes to Tyler specifically according to their research it is safer than 12% of U.S. Cities. But even more exciting is the list of the safest neighborhoods near Tyler.

Not every neighborhood listed below is in the city of Tyler, I just want to say that before people start blowing up the comment section. And some neighborhoods I thought were just more industrial areas but there are homes in those areas too, and it's great to hear that those are lower crime areas.

Alarming Crime Stats When it Comes to Tyler

As discussed, there are good and not so good areas in every community. Living in East Texas I have always thought that Tyler is a pretty safe place to live, but looking at these stats it reminds you that crime takes place everywhere. For example the chance of becoming a victim of violent or property crime in Tyler is 1 in 30. In fact, when looking at other towns in Texas about the same size, Tyler has a 90% higher crime rate than those other places.

You Have To Be Careful No Matter What Area You're In

Whether you're in the safest area in the country, next to a police station, or in Tyler, crime happens everywhere and you should always be careful of your surroundings.

Okay, let's look at what the statistics say are the safest neighborhoods near Tyler:

Here is a List of the Safest Neighborhoods Near Tyler

When looking at crime statistics around Tyler here is what is being called the safest neighborhoods:

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