I love playing video games. An afternoon with a PlayStation controller in my hand is a great day. As someone who grew up with arcades, the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and many more, I love going back and replaying those games, too. But if I need to kill five minutes, playing some games on my phone is the perfect way to entertain myself.

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I wanted to give you my five favorite mobile games I am playing right now. All the games listed are free to download and play and should be available on both iPhone and Android. However, we know with free mobile games there is a ton of ways they want you to spend actual money in the game. I'm leaving that at your discretion if you want to spend money or not.

Personally, I've spent a little money on a couple of these games. I'd say it's been roughly $50 total over the years that I've spent. $5 here, $2 there, it hasn't been a lot but it is a waste of money really.

Having said that, the games listed below are a lot of fun. I've played these waiting at the doctor's office, at home on the couch, while walking around Walmart (Pokemon Go!) doing my grocery shopping or walking the trails at Rose Rudman Park, or any other place that requires a bit of a wait. These are certainly some mindless entertainment to ease the boredom.

I would love to know if you play some of these same games. Let me know in the poll at the bottom.

Michael Gibson's Favorite Mobile Games

If you need to kill five minutes, these are some great mobile games I play to entertain myself for a bit. See if you play some of the same ones I do.

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