Here comes Valentine's Day. And yes, florists will be sending more roses than any other flower this time of year. I've not checked official data, but I would bet that is always the case--anytime of year.

Roses have long captivated our collective romantic imagination. Although we give all kind of flowers, and other gifts, for Valentine's Day, roses still hold a high place of honor in the hierarchy of gifts that symbolize love.

Perhaps it is simply because of their exquisite beauty and aroma. Perhaps it's the irony of the thorns accompanying such beauty--much like many a relationship. That's a subject for another post, though. Whatever the reason, roses have been a subject in many a poem and in our mythologies over many, many years.

But this love of the rose may go even deeper. Did you know that different colors and types of roses historically have come to have their own language or meaning? Many give roses of all different colors without knowing, and it may behoove us to remember what connotation is carried in the colors we choose to give.

Although there is no official written law, traditionally these colors have been understood to have these meanings:

Let's start with the most obvious, shall we? Traditionally, red roses are given to those to whom we love or would like to romance. So, you might reconsider giving these to your aunt or sister. Ya know--for obvious reasons.

If you'd like to send roses to someone you admire and are happy to know, pink may be the best option.

White roses typically signify charm, innocence, or honor. They can be sent when you want to show reverence to someone whose passed or send love to the grieving family. They are also prevalent in weddings.

If you want to send them to a friend to communicate happiness and cheer, yellow roses are a good choice.

Want to thank someone in a more formal way? Consider peach roses--one of the most beautiful hues in my opinion.

With their natural beauty and amazing aroma, I am sure roses will remain one of the most anticipated gifts for a long time. And hey, in East Texas, we should quite well-acquainted with them anyway.

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