Our neighbors to the East in Louisiana just got approval to play fantasy sports through the online gaming site DraftKings, do you think Texas should do the same? It's a very interesting question and lots of people with have different opinions on the topic. This is something that has been discussed before but never had enough support to be approved. Would you support legal fantasy sports in the state of Texas?

Let me explain this a bit more, because this decision doesn't mean that all sports betting is now legal. In fact, sports betting will still not be allowed but we all know that after this approval it won't be long until sports betting is legal. Once the money starts rolling in people will push for more legalized gambling. And it will not just be DraftKings, there is FanDuel, and Bet MGM, and probably a dozen others that I am not thinking about right now.

How Much Money is Louisiana Expected to Make from Fantasy Sports in 2021?

From estimations DraftKings is expected to make $15.5 million in revenue this year alone. Now that Louisiana has opened the door to Fantasy Sports betting the state is expected to make $1.25 million.

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DraftKings is Currently Challenging the State of Texas Regarding Gambling Laws

Obviously, all betting sites would love to be in Texas but it's not allowed at this time. DraftKings is challenging the decision by the Texas attorney general, and has details on their website on how you can join their campaign to bring mobile sports betting to Texas.

It seems like sports betting will probably be approved at some point, but it's anyone's guess on when that will happen. Would you support mobile sports gambling in Texas?

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