When you think of the most sinful cities in the country, I don’t automatically think about cities located here in Texas. Now we all know that debauchery happens everywhere including small Texas towns but let’s be honest when you’re thinking about sin city, the first place that comes to mind is Las Vegas. But recently there was a list created of all the most sinful cities in the country and there were multiple Texas cities that made the list. 

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Once again it was the good people at WalletHub that came up with the list of 20 cities in the country that are the most sinful. Obviously, I wanted to know how they came up with this joyful list and they compared 180 cities against 37 key metrics. Some of those metrics include key indicators of vices and illicit behavior. It’s things like the number of violent crimes per capita, excessive drinking and adult entertainment businesses per capita. 

Texas Is Still Very Safe 

We all know there are sinful activities that take place all over the country, so don’t think that Texas is worse than any other state because we have two cities on this list that are within the top 10 most sinful cities. It’s a choice to engage in these sinful activities, it’s also your choice to avoid them altogether if you would prefer.  

Let’s Look at the List of Most Sinful Cities in America 

Here is a look at the most sinful cities with Texas having cities that landed #7 and #2 on this list.  

Most Sinful Cities, Two Are Located in Texas

Here is a look at the 12 most sinful cities in the country, including two being here in the great state of Texas.

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