These days it seems the ones who are here to serve and protect our communities are the same people we want to be protected from. With all the media surrounding some of the tragedies stemming from corrupt or inept police, it's important to remember that a few bad apples don't represent the entire batch.

Police officers are human beings and deal with more than what most citizens have to deal with on a daily basis. So when they take the time to make someone's day or make a child smile, it's most certainly newsworthy.

Smith County Sheriff's Office shared a wonderful story about Deputy Langlinais and a toddler named Turner who had a strong fondness for law enforcement.

The post stated that about 10 years ago a young Arp, TX officer regularly visited a toddler at a local school where they grew a special bond. The boy would respond with affection and often pressed his face up to Officer Langlinais' face.

Then after one summer, Langlinais visited the school and learned the family had moved.

Years later, Langlinais who is now a Smith County Deputy, and Sgt. Hicks of the Sheriff's Office were invited to visit a young man who loves law enforcement. Guess who it was?

To Deputy Langlinais' surprise, he met up with his old friend Turner who is growing up fast. Smith County Sheriff's Office said:

Turner leaned in and knew there was someone special there!! All were blessed!

We love sharing stories like this and hope you do to. Let's all keep an eye out for those that make this world a better place one step at a time.

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