This weekend, Saturday Night Live made me laugh out load for the first time in several years. Strangers Things star David Harbour was the guest host this weekend. They came up with a brilliant parody of the movie Joker. This one titled Grouch.

That would be the Crouch from Sesame Street. Yeah, it was a little disturbing seeing this gritty, hardcore Sesame Street, but yet, you are laughing through the entire video.

I didn't watch Saturday night's show, because I just don't SNL anymore. The show hasn't been great since the 90's. But when this popped up on my Youtube suggestions, I was glad I took the three minutes to check it out.

Watch it above.

Of course, this is a take on the movie Joker, which has been a hit for the Fall movie season. I still have not made the time to watch it. I know, points off my nerd card. It took the number one spot again this weekend with $55 million according to Variety. The success has brought many rumors of a possible sequel.

For those unfamiliar, Joker is a very gritty, very adult, origin story of Batman's most famous villain. This take does have some roots in the comics as a similar version is told in The Killing Joke.

Credit where credit is due, this was a great parody and I wish SNL would get back to being the great comedy show it once was.


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